Eric Carle Books List

Below I have given the information about Eric Carle’s books list. Erick Carle was born in 1929 in Syracuse, New York. he was an author, illustrator, and creator of picture books. The Very Hungry Caterpillar book is the most famous work and voted the number two children’s book in the 2012 survey. This book was published in 1969, and it is available in sixty languages. Its Thirty-eight million copies were sold. Now we are going to see more about Eric Carle’s Books list. 

Eric Carle Books List

Here I mentioned Eric Carle Books List  In chronological order.

  1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you(1967)
  2. 1,2,3, to the Zoo(1968)
  3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar(1969)
  4. The Tiny Seed (Aladdin Pictures)(1970)
  5. Pancakes, Pancakes! (1970)
  6. Do You Want to Be My Friend? (1971)
  7. Have you seen my cat? (1972)
  8. The Mixed-Up Chameleon(1975)
  9. The Grouchy Ladybug(1977)
  10. The Very Busy Spider(1984)
  11. Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me(1986)
  12. A house for Hermit Crab(1987)
  13. Eric Carle’s Dragons, Dragons(1989)
  14. The Very Quiet Cricket(1990)
  15. Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? (1991)
  16. Today Is Monday(1993)
  17. The Very Lonely Firefly(1995)
  18. Little Cloud (Picture Puffins)(1996)
  19. From Head to Toe (1997)
  20. Hellow Red Fox (1998)
  21. Dream Snow(2000)
  22. “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth(2002)
  23. Mister Seahorse(2004)
  24. 10 Little Rubber Ducks(2005)
  25. Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar(2015)

So above was the small world of eric carle books keep reading to know more about some of his famous books for your kids.

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Top 5 Eric Carle Books List

Above we have seen the Eric Carles List of books. It is nearly impossible to make the List of the best 5 Eric Carles booksas Eric Carle has written a lot of good  books. Below you can see the best 5 book from the long list of eric carle books collection

  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

This was one book from  eric carle list of books whos copies sold in every 30 seconds. It is the story of a caterpillar hatching from an egg under the moonlight. Before transforming into a butterfly the caterpillar eats a lot of food. This book shows the life cycle of the caterpillar. The young reader also loves this book.

  1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?

From the complete list of eric carle books this is the one book that was written by Eric Carle with the help of Martian Jr. This book was published in 1967. This book tells you the story of different colorful animals like a blue horse, a purple cat, and a pink elephant.

  1. The Very Busy Spider

The very busy spider is a book from  list of books by eric carle  that tells you the story of the spider trying to make her web on a post. One by one animal approaches her asking her to play with them.

  1. A House For Hermit Crab

This book includes the story of the crab who is searching for a new shell where he can live peacefully, after getting one shell he feels very empty and plain every month. He finds a new friend but after 1 year he again feels that shell is very small for him. But he doesn’t want to leave his friends.

  1. Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me

It is one of eric carle books for toddlers that are picture books. the story explains the Phases of the moon, shows parental love and devotion. It is the story of a girl who asks her father to bring the moon.


How Many Books Were Written And Illustrated By Eric Carle?

Eric carle has written more than 70 books.

What Is The Last Book Eric Carle Wrote?

His last book was “The Nonsense Show”.

Has Eric Carle Died?

Yes, He died on 23 May 2021 due to Kidney failure.

Why Are Eric Carle Books So Popular?

Children and adults love the images that he created. He was a genius writer. People love his stories. That’s why his books are so popular.

Why Is The Very Hungry Caterpillar So Popular?

And its enduring appeal, according to librarians and children’s-literature experts, can be attributed to its effortless fusion of story and educational concepts, its striking visual style, and the timelessness of both its aesthetic and its content.

Who Is The Number One Best Selling Children’s Author?

Plot: Dr. Seuss addresses many of life’s certain ups and downs. According to the author, the book began as a love song to his and his wife’s stillborn children. The book has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide since its publication in 1986

What Age Group Is The Very Hungry Caterpillar For?

We recommend the show for all ages! And we never encourage children to be quiet – our only request is that their accompanying adults leave phones turned off until after the show! Our audience members range from 6 months to 96 years old. We recommend the show for all ages!

What Is The Controversy With The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

The book lacks diversity says an Australian researcher.
Dr Adam and her team of researches observed the stories and characters from the books and broke them down into stereotypical, gender restrictive, sensitive to gender or gender neutral.

What Is Eric Carle Writing Style?

His technique requires the cutting and layering of paper to create bright, multi-dimensional images, made even bolder by the crisp, white background of a clean page. The majority of his publications are rooted in nature, which is reminiscent of the time he spent outside with his father before the war came.

Who Is The Main Character In The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

A caterpillar feasts upon food before becoming a butterfly. The caterpillar is the protagonist of the story. The characterization of him as “hungry” gives the book its title.

How Many Books Did Eric Carle Write And Illustrate?

Eric Carle (1929-2021) was the creator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. But that’s not the only reason why he received nearly 10,000 fan letters every year. Carle wrote or illustrated more than 70 other children’s books, including favorites such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and The Very Quiet Cricket.

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Before ending this article I would like to ask you Do you know how many books has eric carle written?  He has written more the 70 books and if you are a parent reading this then I will definitely recommend you to show these books to your child. The images, stories, and his writing will make your child satisfied. Here I have mentioned some from list of books by eric carle Now you know all about the  Eric Carles books list. Hope you like this article. 

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